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Vehicle’s Battery

Qpower Battery is an aqueous type battery designed for all class cars and light commercial vehicles.
  • Ca-ca (calcium) alloy strong plates.
  • High starting power in all weather conditions.
  • Maintenance-free design throughout its lifetime.
  • Long life and durability,
  • Design with international norms and dimensions for all brands and models.

Start-Stop Batteries

On vehicles with Start-Stop, the comfort and safety equipment of the vehicle must remain active during the time the engine is switched off. Qpower Batteries with start-stop batteries are water-based batteries that continuously meet the energy needs of the vehicle.
  • High starting power.
  • Long lasting.
  • High performance.

Heavy Duty Batteries

With Qpower batteries manufactured according to the energy requirements of heavy duty vehicles, you will have high performance with maximum confidence.
  • High electrolyte volume.
  • Durable pole connections.
  • Extra durability against shake.

Taxi Batteries

With the intense tempo of taxis, you will never get stranded in halfway with the special Q Power batteries specially designed for commercial taxis.
  • Resistant to intensive use
  • Long lasting
  • Maximum performance in all conditions

Agricultural Vehicle Batteries

Q Power special batteries for agricultural vehicles have been designed considering the difficult terrain conditions in every season.
  • Resistant to difficult terrain
  • Maximum performance per season
  • Resistant to shocks

Marine Batteries

Challenge the harsh conditions of the sea with Q Power marine batteries.
  • Maximum sealing
  • Maximum safety with special flame arresters
  • Resistant to shocks

Long Lasting

Powered by high power charging, the Q Power Batteries are designed for long-life use in energy applications.

High Performance

Enjoy high performance with Q Power batteries manufactured with new product technology.


It produces eco-friendly and environmentally sensitive batteries.